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Increase conversions, sales and traffic by adding branded call-to-actions and retargeting pixels on every link you share.

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All-in-one Promotions & Retargeting

Whether you’re adding pop-ups, opt-in forms or just want to retarget anyone who clicks on your links, LInkgage has your needs covered.

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  • Retargeting Pixel

    Retarget anyone who clicks on your links, no coding required.

  • Button Sliders

    Attach eye catching slider to your links

  • Image Slider

    Attach a custom banner image that visitors can click on to visit your page

  • Opt-in Form

    Capture email addresses from people that click on your links using opt-in forms

  • Shopify Buy Button

    Allow people to buy your product directly by adding Shopify Button scripts to your promotions.

  • Top/Bottom Bar Promotion

    Make your promotions as either a top or bottom bar that is fixed even on scroll.

Enhanced Brand Visibity

Leverage existing content to get your brand in front of potential advocates or customers.

Grow Your Email List

With opt-in form promotion, you can collect more emails from users that enagage with the content you share.

Capture Quality Leads

By offering quality downloadable content with links you share. Convert one-time visitors into lifelong customers.

Serve Targeted Ads on Social Media

Easily add people into your retargeting audience simply by adding tracking pixels to your links

Who uses Linkgage

  • Startups use Linkgage to announce and promote their new products on existing viral content on web and reduce launch cost by 80%.
  • Marketers use Linkgage to not just track open but also measure the conversion of each piece of content they share.
  • Entrepreneurs use Linkgage to sell their products & services and also get recommendations.
  • Top affiliate marketers of amazon, alibaba, clickbank etc. use Linkgage to share third party content embeded with their affiliate link to increase conversion by 20%.
  • With the flexibility to share anything, growth hackers use smartlinks to drive app downloads, increase signups, attract leads and much more.
    Growth Hackers
  • Bloggers are using Linkgage to grow their subscriber, by converting readers to subscribers.

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